2018 YMCA of Greater Boston Annual Campaign


Each year the Oak Square YMCA provides opportunities to it's community and to those in need. Through fund raising and community donations, these opportunities continue to become available. The children and families in our OST and Camp programs are a significant population that benefits from these generous gestures. Last year, over 60% of our child care participants received financial assistance, totaling $428,920. Through the Y, these families were able to feel secure knowing their children were in safe, nurturing, engaging and fun programs each afternoon and summer day. 


Last Summer, our camp had the privledge of working to decrease the summer learning loss for our campers. It is often children lose some of their learned content from their school year throught the 10 weeks during the summer. However, through disguised learning and hands on activities, our campers showed and 85% increase in their literary abilities. Many of these campers would not have had the privledge to participate in our camp, and gain access to addtional learning, without the support of donations to the Y. 


Nutrition is a key factor in a healthy, successful child. The YMCA is able to keep children fed, by serving them USDA approved meals. Through this service, the children in our program can stay focused on their learning and social enagements, and keep their energy high to get a proper amount of active play each afternoon. Whether it is a warm supper served in OST, or a well rounded lunch during summer camp, the children in our program are receiving the fuel they need to thrive. 


The children in our OST and Camp programs develop social emotional skills that help them through day to day interactions. They learn the tools needed to foster postitive peer and adult relationships. Our campers grow their communication skills and resources, helping them become strong and independant individuals. The children in our programs explore new activities and passions they may not have access to in other settings. Through exposure to STEM, Creative Arts and Active Play, our children learn how to express themselves in a variety of ways. 

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