2019 YMCA of Greater Boston Annual Campaign

Giving Strength Since 2012

I began working at the East Boston YMCA back in January of 2012. Back then, it was just a job to me. But after 3 years into it, it became more of a career. During my time at the Y, I gave grown so much both personally and professionally. There have been many people who given me strength to change my life around and grow. Over the past two years, I have been on a fitness journey that has helped me lose weight and become more active and healthier in my life. My trainer Oscar has given me strength to build confidence and continue working on myself. Because of the confidence that has been built, I have been taking swim lessons to help me get over my fear of the water and improve my technique in the water as well. I have seen how swim lessons change and saves lives.

We recently opened our pool back in October of 2018, and in a short 6 months, we have been able to bring swim lessons to over 500 families and provide Safety Around Water to 72 kids. We have been able to have teens in our programs be trained as Lifeguards and Swim Instructors. By doing so, they are giving back to their community and building confidence and giving strength to those who may not have it. 

 Your donation will give strength to many kids and many families in our programs. Your donation will help provde a swim lesson to a child in need. Your donation will help teens give back to their community. Your kind gift will build a better us by ensuring that the Y’s doors are open to all.


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